Mail Toppers - Lifestyle Mailbox Plaques

Unique metal art which mounts to the top of your mailbox that expresses your lifestyle and interests. Also known as Mailbox Toppers, Mailbox Plaques, Address Plaques and Mail Plaques.

  • Display your hobby, passion, sport or service.
  • Make your home easier for others to locate.
  • Creative and unique gift idea.
  • Powder coated aluminum for lasting durability.
  • Will not rust.
  • Quickly installs in just a few minutes.
  • Fits most commercial mailboxes.
  • Includes instructions and hardware for a water tight seal.
    Number set includes: 4 each of 1-2-3 & 0; 3 each of 4-5-7 & 8; 2 each of 6 & 9.